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For Health Care Professionals

Experienced Counsel To Help With Many Real Estate Issues

Our firm, Florida Health Law Office, provides representation to clients in real estate transactions, development and redevelopment projects, public-private ventures, loan/note acquisition, loan restructuring/workouts and litigation matters. We have experience representing different sizes of developers and investors in the acquisition, zoning and development of real property.

How We Can Help You

In our real property practice group, we assist buyers and sellers of commercial and residential property. Our law firm operates a full-service title insurance agency. Our attorney has over 10 years of experience in real estate and business law. He brings this to each transaction, having handled hundreds of residential and commercial transactions, including short sales, real estate owned (REO) issues, short refinances, deeds in lieu of foreclosure and other distressed property transactions. He also brings to bear on each transaction years of experience as a trial attorney handling mortgage foreclosure and title claims cases.

The services we provide:

  • Issue the owners and lenders’ title insurance policies
  • Perform a title search of the property’s records to verify the right to ownership and the right to transfer and uncover any title defects
  • Review the documents of the title search to ensure that they comply with the law and have proper execution and notarization
  • Identify priority issues with liens and mortgages on the property and instruments and deeds that require reformation or corrective instruments
  • Prepare all closing documents
  • Have all documents signed by a notary
  • Gather the funds and ensure that they have been distributed to the parties
  • Discover any outstanding judgments, mortgage payments or liens and resolve them
  • Have the escrow funds held with an FDIC-insured lender
  • Gather and safekeep all necessary documents following the closing
  • Facilitate the closing at the location of your choice, including your offices

We will be happy to provide written price quotes. We are dedicated to serve you in a professional and courteous manner.

Seek Our Experienced Real Estate Counsel

The advice of a knowledgeable attorney can make or break your real estate project. At Florida Health Law Office, we have the wise guidance that your project needs. Please feel free to call us at 888-450-7999 with any questions you may have regarding title insurance or our company. You can also send us an email.