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Can angry pill-seeking patients put your medical license at risk?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | License Defense |

As a nurse, diagnostic technician or physician, the well-being of your patients informs every decision you make. Unfortunately, not everyone who comes to see you will have the same priorities.

Some people will come trying to gain access to narcotic medications or otherwise attempting to manipulate the modern medical system for their personal benefit. While most patients will simply require your help with diagnosis or treatment, some of them will try to abuse your authority for their personal gain.

Turning away a patient or refusing their requested form of treatment may be the right decision to make, but they might seek revenge because they didn’t get what they want. Could your medical license be at risk after an interaction with a patient who just wanted pain pills or a new prescription?

The state lets anyone make a complaint against professionals

You might think that only situations involving proven misconduct or criminal behavior would lead to medical licensing consequences, but you would be wrong.

Licensed medical professionals in Florida can absolutely face censure or the loss of their license due to negative medical outcomes for their patients or criminal charges. They could also face disciplinary hearings and professional penalties because of claims made by members of the public.

The Florida Department of Health allows members of the public to file complaints online against individuals and the companies that employ them. The licensing board for the specific profession or the Department of Health will then investigate and may summon you to attend a disciplinary hearing or present your side of the story.

You have the right to defend yourself

Patients who didn’t receive the treatment they wanted, even if you followed the proper medical protocol, could cause a lot of inconvenience. Thankfully, even if the Department of Health initially takes their complaints seriously, you have the opportunity to defend your license and your reputation in front of the board.

During your disciplinary hearing, you can present your own evidence. You can even have a lawyer argue your version of events, which may increase your chances of avoiding licensing or professional consequences for a vindictive complaint made by an unhappy patient.

Proactively defending your medical license will help you protect the investment you have made in your career and avoid lasting consequences if a patient makes a formal complaint about how you practice medicine.